Doubel Combustion Chamber

All Incinerators are Doubel Combustion Chamber with One Fuel Burner Each. After Burner Technology for Completely Combustion and Cleaner World.

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High Temperature Incineration

Temperature Range 800 Degree to 1200 Degree in Combustion Chamber. Temperature Thermocouple Monitor and Controller. High Quality Fire Brick and Refactory Cement.

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There are latest incinerator news like technical, public news, business tender for medical waste incinerator,animal incineration, pet cremation

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Regular model incinerator for market with burning rate from 10kgs to 500kgs per hour and we always proposal customer send us their require details, like waste material, local site fuel and power supply, incinerator operation time, etc, so we can proposal right model or custom made with different structure or dimensions.
Incinerator Model YD-100 is a middle scale incineration machine for many different usage: for a middle hospital sickbed below 500 units, for all small or big size family pets (like Alaskan Malamute Dog), for community Municipal Solid Waste Incineration, etc. The primary combustion chamber volume is 1200Liters (1.2m3) and use diesel oil or natural gas fuel burner original from Italy.

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crematorium manufacturers


The doors shall be hinged on the right hand side and can be easily opened and closed. All doors shall be manually

operated. Incinerator shall NOT incorporate automatic doors. All doors should be internally lined with pre-determined

thickness insulation and refractory cement.



The stack shall be fabricated from pre-determined thickness stainless steel plate suitably flanged for connection.


Combustion Air Blower

A combustion air blower shall be of steel construction type with built-in air damper regulation shall be provided. The

impeller shall be of the radial blade design and all rotating elements shall be dynamically balanced.



Burners fitted shall be of packaged fuel oil fired types. Primary chamber shall be fitted with an on/off type burner

while the secondary chamber shall be fitted with a high/low type burner. The burners shall each have a maximum rating

of300,000 kJ/hr.



A control system shall be provided to control all functions of the primary and secondary chambers including combustion

air distribution and burner control. It shall comprise of PLC, temperature controllers, timers, relays and switches to

provide automatic operation of the entire system. All switches and controls shall be mounted in an IP 55 rated control



Power Supply

The incinerators shall have a power supply of 240/415 volts, 50 Hz AC. All electrical works shall conform to SAA Wiring

Rules SA 3000 and be subject to PNG Power regulations.

professional waste heater

medical waste incinerator: medical waste and general waste
Capacity to burn waste: 400 — 500 kg/hr
Fuel: Diesel
Fuel Consumption: 10 litres/hr maximum
Incineration temperature: 950 – 1300 °c
Casing: thick (min 5 mm) Stainless steel casing and fully
insulated to withstand sea humidity
Voltage: 220/240 V or 380/415V
Frequency: 50 Hz
Feeding: automatic
Ash 1 leftovers removal: Automatic
Fuel gas filtration system: Yes
Warranty: 12 months
Staff training: Operator & Maintenance staff
Operation and service manuals: 3 sets each
Especifica??es Gerais     6 mm plate steel sheel construction
11cm 1400°C refractory Liner
temperature controlled Burners
secondary combustion burners
interlock switch on load doors
separete ash door
one secondary residence @ 1000°C
400°C silicone Based finish paint
alloy temperature sensor
factory wired and tested
Capacity    20kg/hr
primary Chamber    1607 L
Hearth area    1.36 aq.m
Secondary Chamber    694L
Primary burner (oil)    420.00btu
Secondary burner (oil)    900,000btu
Secondary combustion    1/6 hp
Exhaust stack    46cm x 6m
Electrical service     220/50
System weight    5,700kg
Dimension “D”    152cm
Doad port height e    60x60cm
Ash port height e    36x36cm
General Specifications    6mm plate steel sheel construction
11cm 1400 ° C refractory liner
temperature controlled Burners
secondary combustion burners
interlock switch on load doors
separete ash door
one secondary residence @ 1000 ° C
400 ° C silicone based paint finish
alloy temperature sensor
factory wired and tested
Capacity    20kg/hr
primary Chamber    1607 L
Hearth area    1:36 aq.m
Secondary Chamber    694L
Primary burner (oil)    420.00btu
Secondary burner (oil)    900,000 btu
Secondary combustion    1/6 hp
Exhaust stack    46cm x 6m
Electrical service    220/50
System weight    5.700 kg
Dimension “D”    152cm
Doad port height and    60x60cm
Ash port height and    36x36cm
medical, hospital, veterinary and industrial wastes by medical waste incinerator Process.
So, we’re interested with your Incinerator plants, and we’d like to get quotation and key features description of different capacities of your Incinerator plants, concerning: small models (5 – 25 kg/hr); medium models (25-50 kg/hr) and big models (50-100 kg/hr) and plus.

hog insinerators


All equipment shall be painted with a coat of zinc rich primer and two coats of high temperature heat resistant

polyurethane type paint. All painted surfaces shall be prepared by either steel shot cleaning or sand blasting.


Identification and Name Plates

Identification and name plates containing the manufacturer’s name, model number, serial number, and other pertinent

information shall be securely fastened to the unit in readily visible locations.


Fuel Type and Tank

All burners shall be fuel oil (diesel) fired. For all incinerators fitted with fuel oil (diesel) type burners, the

bidder shall supply and install 1000 litres steel tank and all the necessary piping and fittings and initial supply of

1000 litres fuel oil. Where existing fuel is found to be still in good condition from site inspection, contractors must

use existing tanks and therefore must clearly specify in their bids of such usage. The tank shall be positioned at

least 2 meters above ground on steel frame next to the incinerator shed. Fuel delivery to incinerator burners shall be

by gravity feed. The tank should be fitted with a drain plug as standard.

  1. Post – combustion chamber:

Medical waste incinerator

Standard requirement:

The medical incinerator should meet the European standards 2000/76/EC.

Basic requirements:

1-Capacity 100kg/hr.

2-Work for 24 hours.

3-Unit should have enough combustion room consists of two combustion chambers (mounted vertically)

4- Unit should supply with control methods for air entry to the primary and secondary chambers and hence incineration

of the waste is accomplished.

5-The unit charging is done automatically and have an option to be done manually.

6-The ash removal is done automatically and have an option to be done manually

7-The unit should have a dry filtering unit.

8-The unit should be controlled from the control panel.

control panel :

Should show different tasks of operation using (PLC)

-Temperature in combustion chamber

-time of operation and combustion.

-different pressures.

-amount of air in combustion.

-efficiency indicator.

-emergency system in case of increasing pressure or temperature.

f- Time for gas passing:

Minimum time required for passing to combustion chamber for oxidizing 0.5 seconds at 800 degree Celsius .

1- design details:

A-primary combustion chamber:

Oxidize all waste to combustion residuals and temperature not less than 800 degree Celsius.

b- Secondary chamber:

Continue combusting combustion gas residuals and hanging particles using additional burner temperature not less than

1100 degree Celsius and this conditions is reached by harmonizing between temperature and time of passage to ensure

adequate oxidizing supplying enough air to ensure turbulence of gas all the time this is controlled from control panel.

medical waste diesel incinerator

medical waste diesel heater Burning Cost:47.5–– – – 50kg/hour.
Minimum Operating Temperature level:850 o C( key combustion).
Optimum Operating Temperature level:1450 oC( Afterburner chamber).
Second Burning Capacity: Compulsory.
Thickness Insulation:20 mm High.
Refractory Casting: Minimum 65mm.
Strong refracting lining to hold up against:1500 oC.
Regular burn out time: optimum:3 humans resources.
Fuel type: Diesel.
Gas Consumption in L/hr:7.5 to 9.
Home time in additional chamber:2 sec.
Residue ash article 100kg: Max 3.8 kg.
Gizmo for safeguarding versus communicable spatter and/or cross-contamination by securely disinfecting needles, rings, and more by infrared warmth.
Electric characteristics.
1) A 120V, 60Hz mono-phase electrical source with line connection plug NEMA 5-15 kind.
2) Defenses versus over-voltage and over-current line problems.
3) Conformity with relevant Haitian standards as well as regulations.

Operational qualities.
4) Quick complete sanitation in around 5-7 s.
5) Completely separated quartz/ceramic tube, to give safety and security for the person (no open flame).
6) Operating temperature level around 820 ° C.
7) Placed on a steady base, as per instance listed below.

waste heater suppliers from china

Incinerate: medical waste as well as additionally basic waste Capability to melt waste:
400-500kg/ human resources.
Gas: Diesel.
Gas Consumption: 10 liters/hr optimum.
Incineration temperature: 950-1300 levels centigrade.
Case: thick (mins 5mm) stainless-steel covering as well as absolutely safeguarded to.
stand up versus sea humidity Voltage 220/240v or 380/415V Uniformity 50Hz.
high-capacity, powerful, European Requirement heater, ideal for high quantity incineration, with indispensable after-burner for higher performance in addition to exhausts manage.
Waste Type as well as Melt Rate.
Made specifically for usage by fowl farmers,.
lamb farm owners, abbatoirs along with for pet dog.
cremation. The heater will certainly lose approximately 50kg of.
waste per hour (as long as 150kg shed.
Building and construction.
Light steel bonded construction having sheet steel.
As structural area sustains.
Cellular cellular lining.
Monolithic premium quality refractory concrete with high grade insulation support.
Heating units.
Absolutely automated, high-efficiency burners with electronic ignition, flame recommendation as well as burning control devices fitted.
Packing– – Ash elimination.
Hands-on ash removal from the key chamber. (Ash doors are readily offered as needed).
Outside finishing.
Multi-coat premium quality, high-temperature aluminium enamel leading layer paint, finished in silver.
Completely automated sequential control given by interior.
waste heater manufacturers from china, PLC system providing control of:.
1. Extra chamber pre-heat.
2. Lost cycle (variable).
3. Great cycle.
Fuel Options.
Diesel, LPG, Natural or Biography Gas.
Regular Gas Intake.
Diesel: 8/ 10 litres per hr.
Fluid Gas Gas: 6/ 8 litres per hr.
Gas: 7/ 9 Nm3 per hour.
Electrical supply.
240volt 16 amp.
Secret Requirements.
Chamber Amount 2.38 m3:.
2.2 m (l) x 0.9 m( w) x 1.2 m( h).
Lots Capability approximately 1000kg.
Heaps Technique Top. · Kind: Pyrolytic

· Usage: For medicines

· With Chassis to be Placed in truck/lorry

· May have a main along with added combustion chamber

· Should have a dilution chamber

· Capability: 100 Kgs per hr

· Resource Of Power: Diesel or Natural Gas or Liquified Gas

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