Campaigners welcome Heathrow’s Intends to move incinerator

Heathrow Airport has announced plans to move an incinerator from Stanwell and make a 15 mile ‘green ring’ around town.

The airport said it shifted its plans after residents raised concerns over its plans to relocate its incinerator to the Bedfont Road area.

A Labour county councillor however has stated it is like moving pieces around a hockey board.

Stanwell and Stanwell Moor councillor Robert Evans stated:”I welcome very much the modifications and that is due to the strain placed on BAA by me and the Labour party.

“But neighborhood resident Andrew McLuskey has done all of the hard work.

“But in saying that, we’re still fighting away to stop growth happening at Heathrow whatsoever.

“There are still serious reservations and I do not believe an expansion of the airport is ideal for the area or the entire country.

“We are talking semantics here it’s a large growth in a very cramped area. It is like moving pieces around a chess board — whatever we do not like about Stanwell will be equally as massive someplace else.”

Changes to the programs include introducing a 15 mile’green corridor’ which will increase the amount of recreational space between town and a new car park south to the airport — which has also been reduced in size.

A new park and an all-weather sports pitch has been mooted for the area, as well as the potential construction of’balancing ponds’ to help restrain the launch of floodwater.

Roberto Tambini, chief executive of Spelthorne Borough Council, stated:”We are delighted that Heathrow has listened to and acted upon our own opinions in creating its updated expansion plans and that the residents of Spelthorne are provided a better deal as a outcome.

“I am certain that we can work together and that Heathrow will continue to listen to Spelthorne residents and demonstrate a flexible approach to prospective proposals.”

Some of those 16 billion of private money being spent will also be utilised to support the Environment Agency in creating flood prevention strategies to protect homes and land in the surrounding areas.

The airport has also announced plans to finance a new bypass to replace the existing A3044 in Colnbrook and Poyle to alleviate congestion difficulties.

John Holland-Kaye, chief executive of Heathrow stated:”The growth of Heathrow can bring significant benefits for local people as well as the UK economy.

“Along with bringing 50,000 new jobs and 10,000 apprenticeships, we can also improve the ecological landscape around the airport and mitigate some of today’s issues including road congestion and flooding. We continue to improve our strategies depending on the comments we receive.”

The Airports Commission is currently analyzing the situation for growth of Heathrow or Gatwick.

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