Mixed Biomedical waste Incinerator

Product              :Mixed Biomedical waste Incinerator
Quantity             :60 units
Contract period:To be decided by the supplier

Please confirm your willingness to execute this contract project by sending brochure and your price quotation for the below specification to enable us submit it to the firm incharge of the contract for their study and approval.

Type of Waste: Mixed Biomedical waste.

1. Waste burning capacity of unit: 100-125 kgs / hr.
2. Mode of waste handling : Autoloading– DFDV + Bucket elevator
3. Type of fuel : LDO / HSD
4. Type of Burner operation : Automatic
5. Expected fuel consumption: 30-35 kgs/hr **(depending upon overall
mix of the waste, moisture
content, etc.) after preheat.
6. Connected electrical load : Approx. 7-8 KW (AC 3 phase,220V, 50 Hz).
7. Overall space requirement : 9 m (L) X 8 m (W) X 6 m (H) Each unit
without stack

Burners temperature controlled (TIC – Thermocouple) and work on ON –
OFF basis. The frequency on ON – OFF will depend upon the nature of
waste, moisture content, calorific value, etc. and shall vary from waste to
waste. The fuel consumption also depends upon the frequency of the door
opening and method of operation of the incinerator. We have mentioned
approx. expected fuel consumption figures.

The Incineration System comprises of :

I. Main Incinerator with
A. Primary & Secondary Chamber Modules duly refractory lined, piped & wired.
B. Bucket elevator + DFDV mechanism for autoloading and Deashing
II i. 1 No. fully automatic Fuel Oil burner for primary chamber.
ii. 1 No. fully automatic Fuel Oil burner for secondary chamber.
III. Centrifugal forced draft fan assembly complete with motor drive, duct and
dampers, etc. mounted on the common skid of the unit to provide :
Combustion air.

Eductor air.
IV. Eductor Assembly for :
Cooling of exhaust gases from 900 – 1000 0 C to around 350 0 C .
Keeping the entire system under negative pressure to avoid hot gases / dust
particles rushing out of charging door.
V. Electrical Control Panel along with safeties, and Audio / Visual
indicators and
/ or alarms for efficient and safe operation of the system.
VI. Electrical wiring of the unit.
VII. Oil tank of 1000 ltrs capacity mounted on the skid
VIII. Operating tools and tackles comprising of – rake, hoe, shovel (I No. each).
IX. Chimney of  2.5 Mtr height.



Designed to burn disposables that can and should be destroyed on-site. Theses wastes include infectious and contaminated “red bag.” Surgical dressings, plastic test devices and other wastes

Fast, complete, efficient waste disposal

Dual chamber combustion, Chambers insulated and lined with high temperature refractory. Programmable digital temperature controls, temperature indicators and charge recorder. Modulating control for fuel and air lowers fuel consumption.

Minimum installation and start up time

Aluminized steel jacket lined with refractory and firebrick. Monitors recorders and other accessory equipment should be available.

Charging system:

  • Vertical charge door on primary chamber.
  • Pneumatic or hydraulic ram charging system.
  • Auto shut down of the door after charging.
  • Primary and secondary chamber temperature displayed and recorded (optional)

Charging rate:

  • Up to 100kgs per hour of waste or red bag waste rated at 2200 BTU’s per kg.

Fuel:-         Natural Gas

Capacity (Cubic Mtr):   1.65M3 or more

Ave Capacity:      100kg per hour

Secondary Chamber Capacity (CubicMtr) :3.88 or more

Length (mm):      1880 or better

Width (mm):       1280 or better

Height Incl. Flue (mm):         7700 or better

Ash Door Opening (mm):   475×900 or better

Min. Operating temperature:         90 degree centigrade

Max, Operating Temperature:       1350 degree centigrade

Residency time in Second Chamber:       2 sec

Temperature Monitoring: Both for primary and secondary chambers.

Loading SystemManual/semi-automatic

Waste destruction efficiency:> 90% by weight

Filter: Ceramic or other equivalent filters in order to reduce the induction of hazardous air pollutants, particulates, co,dioxin/furane into the atmosphere.

De ashing system: Manual/semi-automatic.

The System must be quoted complete with:-

  • Plumbing
  • Electrical panels
  • Civil works
  • Waste collection Trolleys


Finish/ Paint:-

High Quality heat resistant, two layers high-grade epoxy Paint coating.

Installed Power (Electric Voltage): 440V/ 50 Hz

Waste Management Equipment must have ;

Mobile loading trolley: 06 No’s – For transportation of hospital waste from wards to incinerator site/ room, Opening from the top.

WASTE BINS MOBILE: 06 No’s-Made of Plastic, in blue color with a cover flap.

Plastic Bags:       2000 no’s each in Red and Yellow color.

Heavy Duty Gloves Pairs: For Waste handling staff-06 Pairs

Long Shoes Pairs:         For waste handling – 06 Pairs.

Make: UK, Europe, USA, Japan

Animal waste incinerator

Incinerator type: Animal waste incinerator
Load Capacity minimum:  1500 kg
Burner fuel type:  Diesel
Burner fuel rate max.:   20-25 Liter diesel/ per hour
Burners minimum: 3
Burning rate minimum: 200-300kg/per hour
Furnace bar area minimum: 2 м3
Fuel tank capacity minimum: 300L
Main chamber burning temperature min. 1100 0C
Afterburner chamber burning temperature min.  1300 0C
Power supply 220V
Incinerator items and electrical appliances should be weather proof and humidity resistant within the range of 30-90 %
Incinerator should be compliant to the environmental protection rules in accordance to national legislation
Maximum dimensions – Length – 5m, width – 3.5m, height – 5m

Chamber Double Incinerator

Chamber Double Incinerator:

Burning Rate      10 kg per hour (for two incinerators)

Burning Rate     20 kg per hour (for three incinerators)

Loading   Method   Manual

No of Burners   Single for 10 kg/hour and Double for 20 kg per hour

Fuel                    Diesel and Natural Gas

Warm Up Time    Not more than 20 minutes

Temperature controller   Digital

Power Supply      Single Phase 220V

Chimney Height    20 feet from ground level

Wet and Dry Scrubbers   Optional


Gasified incineration for burning medical wastes

Gasified incineration for burning medical



Fuel type: Natural Gas

Burning Capability:

–   30-50 kg/time

–   Daily 3-6 times


Incinerator size: max 2000x1200x3200 mm

Burning room volume:

–   Gasification room max 0.7 m3,

–   Secondary burning room max 0.5 m3,


Size of the filling entrance: max 650×850 mm

Air blower: max 0,5 kW

Combustion-support combustion machines:

–   Power max 0,2 kW


Re-burning machine: Power max 0,2 kW Voltage: 220V / 380V

Weight: max 5000 kg

User Manual Language: English

Incinerator to burn nearly 10ton(10,000kg) of tobacco waste dust) from a tobacco processing plant.


Incinerator to burn nearly 10ton(10,000kg) of tobacco waste dust) from a tobacco processing plant.


  1. Incinerator system complete with scrubber, pollution control system, water system, loading system, ash removing system and if anything more option is available. we have to burn 10000kgs/day, We work 8 hours a day, so your incinerator should have capacity to burn atleast 1400 or 1500kg/hr of waste.


supply 02 primary combustion chamber, and continuation feeding or alternately. each primary combustion volume is 4.0 M3, total 8 m3.

  1. With complete system specification, power, water fuel requirements.


  1. Space requirements & floor plan


  1. Pre-installation requirements. Space, power, water, drainage system etc


  1. Fuel type” diesel or gas?


  1. All options available.


  1. You have to send your technical team for installation, user training, maintenance training for end user technicians.


  1. Maintenance schedule—what has to be done, daily, weekly, quarterly, half yearly, annually.


  1. What are the replacement items during one year.


  1. Your system should meet all local & international standards with respect to handle of tobacco dust before feeding to incinerator, gas emission, waste water discharge to public drain system, ass disposal etc.


  1. End used will send this dust to incinerator plant in bags of 300kg each, so we are expecting 35 bags of 300kg each per day, 7 days a week.



  1. How many engineers or technicians you will send for installation, how many people, what machines & tools you want us to mobilize to facilitate your people to do the installation. how many days installation & training will take.



  1. What will be your charges for installation visit.



  1. If you have some picture of such big installations, references(within this region is helpful if you have), you can provide us.






CLOVER Containerized Incinerator

Technical Specifications

  1. Pre-assembled, containerized type

—yes, do not included chimney installation.


  1. Burning rate: 100 – 120kg / hour



  1. Minimum operating temperature: 8500c (Primary combustion)

—800-1000 degree


  1. Maximum operating temperature: 14500c (afterburner chamber)

—1000-1200 degree


  1. Secondary Burning capacity: Compulsory.



  1. Density insulation: 20 mm high



  1. Refractory casting: minimum 65mm



  1. Heavy duty refracting lining to withstand 15000c

—1450 degree


  1. Average burn out time: maximum 3.0 hrs



  1. Fuel type: fuel oil (diesel)



  1. Fuel consumption in L/hr: 7.5 to 9

—average 16.6liter/Hr.


  1. Residency time in secondary chamber: 2 secs.



  1. Residue ash post 100kg Max 3.8 kg



  1. Installation period Maximum 7days.