Animal Incinerators (A1200)

Basic Info.

Model NO.:A1200
Pullution Sources:Solid Waste Processing
Processing Methods:Combustion
Export Markets:North America

Additional Info.


Product Description

A Model creature crematory is newest layout for animal cremation and other solid waste. This gear quality structural for kinds of site, such as hospital, environmental department, animal cremation phuket medical waste incinerator, pics of pet crematorium, images of incinerator, images of industrial waste incinerator, plasma gasification cremation, agencies, etc.. CLOVER Incinerator provide updated models with dual combustion room, mix combustion room and smoke filter room using refractory lines, along with the combustion room temperature up to 1200 deg C. 

Key Attributes:  * All models with Dual combustion room.  *according to order  * High fever, long lifetime of incinerator.  * Free or minimum installation on site.  * High speed, from 10kgs to 500kgs per hourto 6ton per day.  * PLC Control Plane. *according to order  * New Design for pet animal cremation enterprise.  * One year warranty on incinerator and parts in stock.

Items/Model A360 A600 A900 A1200
Burning Rate *animal 20 kgs/Hr. 20 kgs/Hr. 30 kgs/Hr. 60 kgs/Hr.
Feed Capacity *animal 30 kgs 50 kgs 80 kgs 100 kgs
Equipment Weight 2300 kgs 3000 kgs 4000 kgs 4300 kgs
Primary Chamber (Liters) 360 600 900 1200
Secondary Chamber (Liters) 200 200 300 500
External Dimensions (cm) 145x90x175 175 x 100 x 180 200x160x230 220x180x360
Internal Dimensions (cm) 100x60x60 130 x 70 x 65 120x90x85 130x100x90
Oil Tank(Liters) 200 200 300 300
Door Opening (cm) 48 x 60 50 x 60 62 x 80 55 x 80
Chimney (M) 5 5 5 10
Chimney Type Stainless Steel Stainless Steel Stainless Steel Stainless Steel
Secondary Chamber  YES YES YES YES
Mix-Combustion Chamber YES YES YES YES
Smoke Filter Chamber YES YES YES YES
Combustion Fuel Oil/Gas Oil/Gas Oil/Gas Oil/Gas
Residency Time 2.0 Sec. 2.0 Sec. 2.0 Sec. 2.0 Sec.
Temperature Monitoring YES YES YES YES
1st. Chmaber Temperature 800 degree–1000degree  800 degree–1000degree  800 degree–1000degree  800 degree–1000degree
2nd. Chmaber Temperature  800 degree–1000degree  800 degree–1000degree  800 degree–1000degree  800 degree–1000degree

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